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It takes persistent effort and determination
to bring new products into the world.

Creating a fresh potential for quality -
through product development grounded in basic technology.

Safety and effectiveness of medical devices is largely determined by the materials of which they are made. Materials such as plastic, glass, metal and latex, that are themselves high-performing, can increase the overall safety and performance -in a word, the quality -of a product. To create such a single material, TOP carries out basic research and development in a broad array of fields.

Moreover, we work closely with research institutes such as university laboratories, and with affiliated corporations to come up with ideas for medical devices with even better capabilities, and to develop technology.

Such innovative thinking and research has given birth to exciting new products, including the Pre-fill Syringe--a combination of a fluid medication container and syringe, and TOP's extraordinary line of easy-to-operate, high-precision infusion pumps.

Home > Our Business > Developmente