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TOP quality is completed with accurate information.

Our sales and support teams provide accurate,
timely product information to ensure safe treatment.

TOP's business depends on smooth communication with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who are the end users of our products in the field. Sound, accurate knowledge of TOP products and the ability to convey helpful pointers suitable to the actual conditions of use on the ward or in the operating room in a timely manner has earned TOP's sales and support personnel high praise and regard. This relationship of trust enjoyed by our staff as advisors on medical devices is also vital to our sales efforts.

The knowledge and articulated needs brought back from the front line of medical care by our field representatives provide valuable hints for our next generation of products. Information from sales staff at all locations is collected at our Tokyo Head Office, and is ultimately reflected in each new product.

TOP quality is making its mark outside of Japan as well. Many TOP products are in use today at medical centers around the world.

Home > Our Business > Sales