About Us

“Manufacturing products creating safety and
new values for future healthcare”

As a comprehensive medical device manufacturer, TOP Corporation manufactures and sells medical devices
that satisfy broad and various healthcare needs, from testing and prevention to therapy.
By staying close to healthcare settings, we create products capable of solving problems and bringing new advancements toward future healthcare.

Features / Strengths

01The highest quality
Manufacturing with
The TOP in Quality

With the slogan of “The TOP in Quality”, we strive to maximize the quality of products for minimizing medical accident risks. We also excel in developing minimally invasive medical devices that can reduce pain and physical burden on patients during tests or treatments. This not only contributes to improvement of patients’ QOL (Quality of Life) but also to shortening hospital stays, which reduces the burden on medical settings as well as medical costs.

02Original integrated
production system

Our integrated production system serves as the key to realizing high quality of products and promptly solving new problems emerging at healthcare settings. Through consistent engagement in the entire manufacturing process, from product design to processing, assembly, inspection and shipping, and constant review and improvement of the process, we have raised our production level to ensure the high-quality standard of products.

03Global business

With our strong will to save as many patients as possible from illnesses, TOP Corporation has actively promoted diversification of products as well as development of international business. Since building our first overseas plant in Taiwan in 1983, we have established several manufacturing bases in Malaysia and contributed to establishing and expanding medical infrastructures in countries and regions suffering from public health problems around Southeast Asia. Our human-friendly medical devices have been exported to more than 80 countries throughout the world, contributing to people’s healthy lives and promoting their welfare.

0404 Pursuing high convenience
and safety by Zero Defect

TOP Corporation implements Zero Defect activities to ensure that our customers feel safe and secure about using our products. By reviewing and revising our manufacturing process on a regular basis and improving the quality of operation, we eliminate defective products and supply products with maximum safety. We also believe that products of higher quality can only be created in a neat and tidy environment, so we ensure thorough implementation of the 5S activities (Seiri (organizing), Seiton (arranging), Seiso (cleaning), Seiketsu (sanitation), Shitsuke (discipline)).

For EveryoneFriendly to humans. Friendly to the earth.

Medical devices that protect human lives and health must not have adverse effects on the global environment.

Unless we can protect our precious planet and keep our environment safe for everyone to live in, we cannot call ourselves a manufacturer of truly human-friendly medical devices. With such belief, we make efforts to contribute to environmental conservation.

As a part of such efforts, in 2001, our Malaysian plant, MEDITOP CORPORATION, acquired the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems. We also introduced an electron beam sterilization system to solve the problems associated with conventional sterilization methods, the discharge and treatment of hazardous waste such as radioactive waste and CO2.

For protecting both humans and the earth, we will continue our efforts to contribute to environmental conservation.

Our initiatives for SDGs

For Endoscopy

Because of their minimally invasive nature, demands for endoscopic procedures are increasing worldwide.
TOP Corporation has developed a number of devices that facilitate safety and convenience of diagnostic and interventional endoscopy. We contribute to the dissemination of minimally invasive procedures that can improve patients’ Quality of Life.

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For Injection/Blood collection/Infusion

We offer a wide variety of items to meet the broad needs at healthcare settings and support drug administration and blood sampling routines in hospitals. Placing the highest priority on the safety of patients and healthcare workers, we supply products capable of eliminating life-threatening risks such as needle-stick accidents, bacterial contamination of infusion lines, and free flow in infusion pumps.

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For Enteral Feeding

For patients having difficulty in oral food intake, we offer products for delivering nutrition directly to the stomach or intestines through enteral feeding.
We also supply products suitable for home enteral nutrition (HEN) to support the establishment of home environments in which the patients can live with improved QOL.

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For Inspection

For protecting patients’ lives, it is important to diagnose their illnesses as early as possible and give appropriate treatment.
TOP Corporation supports tests conducted as screening tests as well as tests necessary for condition management.

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For Anesthesia

We provide products used for performing local anesthesia.
From single items such as injection syringes and puncture needles to kits containing items indispensable for anesthetic procedures, we manufacture and supply various products to meet the demands of practitioners.

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For Pain Clinics

We offer products enabling the treatment of pain (nerve blocks) in patients.

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For Respiration

We supply products intended for use in airway management by endotracheal intubation and products used for draining secretions or foreign matters accumulated in the body.

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For Infection Control

We offer products used for preventing direct contact with contaminants or cross contamination to protect patients and healthcare workers from risks of infections.

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