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Because of their minimally invasive nature, demands for endoscopic procedures are increasing worldwide.
TOP Corporation has developed a number of devices that facilitate safety and convenience of diagnostic and interventional endoscopy.
We contribute to the dissemination of minimally invasive procedures that can improve patients’ Quality of Life.

01Endoscopic puncture needles

Injection needles used for injecting drug solutions into the gastrointestinal submucosa in cancer resection procedures (EMR/ESD).
Their unique designs such as easy-to-grip handles facilitating one-handed operation and hard-to-break tubes contribute to increased efficiency and reduced stress during the procedures.

02Endoscopic snares

Snares used for dissecting cancers in endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) or cold snare polypectomy (CSP).

03Endoscopic hoods

Products to be attached to endoscope tips to support the procedure. We offer a wide array of products to flexibly meet the needs at healthcare settings, such as securing visibility, securing optimal distance, and facilitating sliding into the submucosa.

04Endoscopic mouthpieces

Mouthpieces used for keeping the patients' mouth open during endoscopy.
They are designed to reduce patients' pain upon insertion of the endoscope to ensure their comfort during endoscopy.

05Endoscopic spray tubes

Tubes for spraying agents such as dyes onto mucosa to support diagnosis or treatment of diseases.

06Laparoscopic products

We supply various devices for use in laparoscopic surgery.
Compared to laparotomy, laparoscopic surgery leaves smaller incision scars and thus is less painful, cosmetically favorable and enables earlier return to daily activities.


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