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We offer a wide variety of items to meet the broad needs at healthcare settings and support drug administration and blood sampling routines in hospitals. Placing the highest priority on the safety of patients and healthcare workers, we supply products capable of eliminating life-threatening risks such as needle-stick accidents, bacterial contamination of infusion lines and free flow in infusion pumps.

01Low dead space syringe with fixed needles

We swiftly developed products with significantly reduced drug retention in syringes to enable effective vaccination of more people. We contribute to protection of people from virus threats.

02Winged needles with needle-stick protection

The entire needle can be housed inside the winged needle part to protect healthcare workers from infections caused by needle-sticks.

03Closed infusion systems

To protect patients from infections caused by bacterial contamination through connection and co-injection ports, we develop products in which connection or co-injection can be conducted while keeping the infusion lines closed.

04Infusion pumps/syringe pumps

Devices enabling continuous administration of pharmaceuticals at constant flow rates. We develop highly safe products by adopting panel designs with improved visibility and operability and acquiring certification for products with built-in safeguards against medication errors. We are also actively engaged in the development of battery-powered products that can be used in times of disaster.

05Insulin pumps

Devices enabling continuous insulin administration to diabetic patients. Drug administration can be adapted to the lifestyles of individual patients to free them from frequent injections and support their daily diabetes treatments.

06Infusion stands

We developed infusion stands having easy-to-move six-legged structure and large, highly stable, smooth-rolling casters to prevent falling accidents.
Their leg parts are stackable to save space in the administration areas of hospitals.


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